Sunday, July 11, 2010


My mind is still blown. Operation Squeegee supporters and event hosts have come together in a BIG way, and in just under 10 days we've managed to raise $3,000.00 USD. Yeah, well over 800,000K Lindens -- and we still have a few more days to go.

There's a particular group of people that deserve your support and praise, a group of people who are remarkable in many ways; the Happy Clams @ Organica. These folks are not only dedicated to spinning some of the most mind blowing psytrance and goa in the universe and hosting many a charitable party or festival, they're also dedicated to the values of freedom, curiosity, and sustainability. More than that;

OrGaNiCa is a Multicultural Meeting Ecological and mirrored in the best festivals of Alternative Art and Culture of the Planet. The meeting brings together great lovers and artists involved in this movement: painters, jugglers, designers, musicians, mystics, hippies, visionaries or just appreciate diversity, heavily inspired by pacifism and closer contact with nature. -- DJ Grung Ergaron

I (Marian) am not a very good blogger -- and I've struggled to keep all my ducks in a row throughout the fundraiser, so hopefully I am able to do Organica and all the other wonderful venues, performers, and hosts justice by extending my deepest gratitude for all of their enthusiasm, support, and patience. Most of all, thank you happy clammers, crazy dancers, book nerds, trivia junkies, music snobs, party people, shopaholics, builders, scripters, friends and family. I love you all. Thank you all for your kindness, I intend to pay it forward.

So with that, I am honored to announce that ORGANICA managed to, over the course of 12 hours, raise $1,100 USD for Operation Squeegee. I stopped by a day later and found the total had risen to $1,230 USD. That's just about 356,000 lindens, and about 1/3 of Operation Squeegee's donations to date. It's more than we manage to raise in eight days of work. Severalamazing DJs made art through the airwaves, if you see them, hug them, tip them, write them love notecards -- anything to show them your appreciation. Those DJs are Med Oh, Thomtrance Otoole (Organica's founder - did a TON of matching of donations, give him extra love and cookies), Mustapha Rau, Seebs Dover,Danny Colllazo, Qee Nishi, and Ahimsa Balutmake (Who also donated a crap ton of money) sure you take some time to visit ORGANICA and trance out (don't be surprised if you see me there), and maybe even become a part of their amazing tribe.

Thank you again to all the Happy Clams who donated, matched, encouraged and spent time with Operation Squeegee this weekend, and all the Squeegees who hopped out to play at Organica.

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  1. We live in a reality where things happen too fast to be understood carefully. We are always late for an appointment, nervous about the traffic, tense with the violence, disappointed at the ignorance of mankind and this sale our eyes to the small joys of life.
    Alongside this, there is a universe where people are valued for their potential as human beings, where art and business tool and wealth is measured by how many smiles that each one can give birth to his fellow man.

    Each choose which universe wants to belong ...

    And live Psycodelia!