Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hi Squeegees!

Our event calendar is starting to fill out. Wowza! I'm still looking for more talent, especially for live musicians and storytellers. Check your friends lists and pester anyone you think might be interested in being a part of our amazing project; we're only one week away from the kickoff of Operation Squeegee. On behalf of the squeegee planning crew to all of our current and future events volunteers: Thank You! Your time and talent are precious, and we are glad to have you on board.

Now, on to the news. Here's a sneak peak at our performers and entertainers lined up to present squeegee events:

Crap Mariner: Quirky writer, storyteller, and cranky autonaton Crap Mariner tells tales of brilliance and the bizarre.
Elegia Underwood: Steamlander, mistress of stories and poetess, Elegia Underwood enchants with her soothing voice and clever wit.
Marian Dragovar: Steamlander and quirky android Marian Dragovar performs and reads poetry and folktales from around the world.

Do you want to tell, read, or perform a story? See the "Call for Events" page.

Music Venues:
The Velvet:
The Velvet is one of the oldest indie rock clubs in Second Life, being snobby about music since 2006. We're excited to host Operation Squeegie. Some of the best, most musically knowlegable DJs we could find can't wait to entertain your Lindens right out of you -- for a fantastic cause.
Organica emphasizes freedom, nature, and peace taking patrons to transcendent heights through spinning the best psytrance/goa electronica experience on the grid.
Dogglounge Internet radio and Dogglounge's Second Life club streams an international blend of eclectic soulful and deep house music featuring live DJ's from across the globe.

Games & Social Activities:
TriviaAid & Friends:
TriviAid is a group of Second Life trivia players and live quiz hosts who have come together to hold and attend trivia event fundraisers devoted to selected causes. Operation Squeegee is our first venture, and we hope to have more to come. Look for us at the fundraising site and elsewhere in the event calendar during the middle week of OpSquee to join us for brainteasing and fun! You can find regular trivia events to attend in Second Life at

Performing Arts:
Ambrose Steampunk & the Steamlands Performing Arts Guild:
The Steamlands Performing Arts Guild or SPAG is dedicated to bringing Quality Theatre not just to the Steamlands but to the whole of Second Life. Utilizing Music, acrobatics, dance and even brulesque, we strive in bringing you the most entrancing virtual theatre experience!


We still need volunteers! If you're interested in being a storyteller, performer (musician, DJ, etc), off-sim venue host -- or if you are interested in serving as an educational liaison and event host at our various events, send Marian Dragovar an e-mail or notecard. DJs please contact Obsolete Aeon.

With love,

Events Coordinator
Operation Squeegee

Sunday, June 20, 2010