Saturday, July 3, 2010

WOOHOO!!! The Velvet Raised Just Over 32K for Operation Squeegee!

YAY for the Velveteers! The Velvet finished their Operation Squeegee event a couple hours ago and brought in just over 32,000L! Many, many thanks to Astrud Sands, the manager of the Velvet for organizing the event - You Rock Lady! So who will beat out the Velvet next? Perhaps the venerable house music venue Dogglounge? Come on Sidda - the Doggloungers Can Do EET!! Go SQUEEGEE!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Operationa Squeegee is officially OPEN!

Woohoo!!! Operation Squeegee is officially open. The blogger preview night got us started with a bang and we are already up to 42k! We have lots of goodies for you to peruse and purchase for your pretty little avatar so come on over to Ctrl Shift H - the official home of Operation Squeegee. Along with shopping we will also be offering tons of fun events for you guys over the next couple weeks including DJ's and live artists at both the official home sim and various off site events. As a matter of fact two of my favorite clubs in all of SL, The Velvet & Dogglounge, will be hosting events as well, WEEEEEE (gotta plug my peeps folks, LOL). For a full list of schedueled events click here!

So TP ASAP to Operation Squeegee and get ready for tons of fun!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010