Operation Squeegee Policies
  • Philosophy - We care about the ecosystems, animals, and humans of this lovely planet Earth. We are inspired to band together and to support the work others are doing to mitigate the effects of the gulf coast oil spill. It is our belief that one of the most important things we can do right at this moment is help that effort. Time is of the essence, as is our world.
  • Purpose - Operation Squeegee exists to raise funds and awareness for the National Wildlife Federation. It's purpose is to bring together concerned individuals within the SL community, and does not condone any activity that violates copyright, defames any organizations or individuals, or is abusive or harassing.
  • Accounting - All proceeds from fundraising will be handled by the avatar Tidal Shoreland created specifically for this purpose. This avatar will have no monetary transactions outside those for the purposes of acting as Treasurer. Transaction history will be published weekly on this website to ensure transparency and accountability. In addition, final contribution documentation will also be available on this site.    
  •  Accounting records - June 6th to July 6th 2010, July 6th to .., Final Account Total, Credit Processing, Donation.
"The oil spill catastrophe affects us all.  Each day thousands of animals are losing their lives and their ocean homes are destroyed. The natural environment has taken a huge hit as a result of this oil spill. The consequential damages will be seen for years to come, there is no way of measuring the extent of the wildlife that could possibly be lost forever. The detrimental affects to the circle of life are unforeseeable. Animals and plants are not the only ones affected by this disaster. This economic disaster affects mankind in various ways. People who work in the seafood industry are losing their jobs not to mention the health risks that will eventually come from people eating contaminated food from the oceans. Fisherman who strive to keep their jobs would have to relocate which is not an option for most people. Not many can pack up and move their entire family therefore the unemployment rate will increase. The devastation of this spill goes beyond the ocean and the people who live near the contaminated areas. This spill affects us all and Operation Squeegee is a way we can join forces and stand together to help Mother Earth."
- Annette Wilder