Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Operation Squeegee ends tomorrow!

Now is the time to come and pick up those great creations made by 50 different vendors! Come by during the final day of Operation Squeegee before they are gone. All donations go towards the National Wildlife Federation's Oil Spill Recovery Fund.

Teleport to the Home Sim

What can you find there? All sorts of things! Lot's of exclusive fashion creations for men and women of course, plus boats, vehicles, furniture, decorations, avatars, toys, poses, gadgets and more!

We've made it to $L 933,000, over three thousand USD... but we want to reach one million lindens by the end of the 15th! If you would just like to contribute, you can help by donating in any of the blue buckets on the main sim, or found around various places in SL.

More information about Operation Squeegee is available here, including final events, real-world links, and lot's of documentation.

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