Thursday, July 8, 2010

Events Not To Miss!

You shouldn't miss any events if you can help it, but here are a few special large programs and things to do to support Operation Squeegee that have broad appeal. Please send a big thank you to all the partner sims, venues and residents who have spent time, resources, and given us the gift of space in order to further our mission of raising money for the National Wildlife Federation. Be sure to check our calendar, and also the Home Sim and Grid Wide events tabs. How about we raise another $1,000 dollars this weekend -- wait, no, how about we try for $3,000? I think we can do it. Thanks again volunteers, venue and business owners, bloggers, merchants, organizers, hosts, DJs, musicians, storytellers and sim donators!


Virtually Speaking W/ Jay Ackroyd | 6:00Ppm SLT Thursday, July 8th | @VirtuallySpeaking
Virtually Speaking: The Unfolding Environmental & Social Disaster in the Gulf; Join our guests Riki Ott & Fishgrease.

Riki Ott, marine toxicologist, author and Exxon Valdez survivor. Riki Ott, PhD, shares stories of oil spill impact to cleanup workers in Sound Truth and Corporate Myths. Her latest book, Not One Drop: Betrayal and Courage in the Wake of the Exxon Valdez (Chelsea Green, 2008) explores the social trauma of this disaster. Riki is a national spokesperson with Move To Amend, a grassroots coalition working to abolish the legal doctrine that allows corporations to claim constitutional rights and undermine legitimate democracy.

An oil and gas expert of many years, Fishgrease writes about the ineffectiveness of British Petroleum's attempts at cleanup and control. His clear and passionate posts have been picked up by The Rachel Maddow Show.

Delia Lake (Center for Water Studies) is creating an immersive Gulf Habitat, with help from Kaikou Splash - Splash Aquatics - and Jon Haskell

FRIDAY July 9th

Dogglounge | 1:00pm till 7:00pm SLT Friday, July 9th| @Dogglounge
Dogglounge Internet radio and Dogglounge's Second Life club streams an international blend of eclectic soulful and deep house music featuring live DJ's from across the globe.

Surrealist Games & Music from the Future | 9:00pm SLT Friday, July 10th | @Home

Join Armada's android and Operation Squeegee events coordinator, writer, and DJ Marian Dragovar for a night full of indie electronica, rocktronica, poptronica, and every kind of -tronica in between and hilarious mind bending writing games. Games are non competitive and inclusive, improvisational and wacky, fun for everyone! Come get creative at the Home Sim.

SATURDAY, July 10th

Storytelling @ Main Stage | 2:00pm SLT & 3:00pm SLT Saturday, July 10th | @Home
Join storytellers Derry McMahon and Elegia Underwood for virtual story hour to support operation squeegee. Relax and listen to great legends and folklore. Derry tells Dryad stories at 2:00pm and Elegia brings a surprise to stage at 3:00pm! Be there or be square.

Liberty Sim Rent-a-Ho and Fashion Show | 9:00pm SLT Saturday, July 10th | @Liberty
Not only eye candy for your arm, but you can find hot fashion as well, and all on a good conscience. Liberty's first ever date auction, where you can bid to win a date with SL's finest beefcakes and hotties. Followed up by a super sexy fashion show, showcasing Liberty and Squeegees top notch designers. 100% of the Rent-a-Ho proceeds will go to Operation Squeegee, as well as any items bought from the Squeegee Specific vendors.

Organica Psytrance Marathon| 12:00pm til 12:00am SLT Saturday, July 10th | @Organica
Organica emphasizes freedom, nature, and peace taking patrons to transcendent heights through spinning the best psytrance/goa electronica experience on the grid.

SUNDAY, July 11th

Chilbo Community Summer Bloc Party | July 11th 10:00am to Noon SLT | @Chilbo
Chilbo community is a mainland community that is host to artists, educators, musicians, writers, students, and people from around the world. Chilbo Community will be hosting their Summer Faire from July 4-11, and will be rounding out our festivities on that last day with a main street parade and block party!

Belly-Up Presents: The Little Mermaid | July 11th 6:00pm SLT | @Armada Breakaway
The Steamlands Performing Arts Guild or SPAG is dedicated to bringing Quality Theatre not just to the Steamlands but to the whole of Second Life. Utilizing Music, acrobatics, dance and even brulesque, we strive in bringing you the most entrancing virtual theatre experience! Belly-up ballet is a mermaid ballet company emphasizing storytelling through performance and music. Enjoy Belly-up's choreographed dance performance of the classic fairytale The Little Mermaid set to a unique soundtrack of music. All proceeds benefit Operation Squeegee.

But that's not all - NO, that's not all!
We have an amazing selection of DJs, Live Performances and Trivia to enjoy throughout the weekend. Keep an eye out for event postings in our groups, and visit the calendar page to see our scheduled events. Make sure you attend a TriviaAid event (both at the Home sim and Grid-wide) before the week is out, and that you stop over to Coconut Monkey to hear some live music! Visit the Grid-Wide page for more info, and keep an eye out for event notices from Thursday through Sunday!

Coconut Monkey Schedule:
Performances subject to change, please see group notices for most up to date information.

6 pm slt Harper Messmer (live)
7pm slt Essence Balasimo (live)
8pm slt Ariel Franchini
5-7 pm slt DJ Damien Wilder
7 pm slt Covenant Wylder (live)
8pm slt Kelvinblue oh (live)
8 pm Dale Katscher (live)
9 pm Capo Freenote (live)
10 pm Jordan “Adrienne” Deezul

All events included in this listing are dedicating 100% of their income via tips and squeegee vendor sales to Operation Squeegee's fund raiser for the National Wildlife Federation's oil spill fund. If you have an event planned for this weekend and would like to donate 100% of the funds raised during said event, please contact Marian Dragovar to iron out all the details and get put on the calendar.

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