Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ariel Wingtips's Operation Squeegee Blogger Challenge!

Hey everybody! The lovely and talented Ariel Wingtips has thrown down the gauntlet with her Operation Squeegee Blogger Challenge! The challenge is simple and was outlined in her blog here, but I am doing the old copy and paste (and high jacking one one her pics as well) to make life simple for us all, LOL:

Here's the challenge - get your squeegee on:

(1) get the squeegee pack and squeegee antlers at Operation Squeegee vendor area - near the stage
(2) come up with a creative look - it can be a fashion pose, a group, squeegees in the wild, use your imagination...
(3) Blog it! Add to the Operation Squeegee Flicker Group -

As demonstrated by Ms. Wingtips in her pic above you can use both items available at the vendor area and non-Squeegee items. Here is Ms. Wingtips credits for ideas on how to proceed:

Operation Squeegee Items:

  • Squeegeefied Antlers - free from Operation Squeegee
  • Squeegee prop - thank you gift when you donate to the operation squeegee donation bucket
  • Revolt Gasoline Coveralls - Operation Squeegee 50% donation item
  • Squee ducky shoulder pet - Free at Fire GOOD!!! Operation Squeegee cart.
Non Squeegee Items:
  • Comabat Boots - Abyss
  • *League* Sports Socks (Grey)
  • BEST Pigtails EVER: ** Amrita**[Kasandra-Noon] Carrot-R Blue by Atsuki Kayo
  • skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Pale 2} [Acres] OO
  • pose: [LAP] - C-Strip Tease
So come on bloggers, take the Operation Squeegee Challenge Today!



  1. Done!

    Great idea guys!

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  3. Done and Done